Adopt an Owl
Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is one of the most active monitoring centres for Northern Saw-whet Owls during the fall migration from late September well into October. PEPtBO typically bands 600 to 1200 Saw-whets during migration.

Named for the resemblance of one of their calls to the sound of saw teeth being sharpened, Northern Saw-whet Owls are only 7 or 8 inches tall (18 - 20 cm), chestnut-brown with prominent white markings on the folded wings, and brown-and-white striped chests and bellies. They have yellow eyes, no ear tufts, and white eyebrows that connect in a 'Y' over their beaks.

Adopt a Northern Saw-whet Owl and assist Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory's efforts in monitoring migrating bird populations.

Help support one of the busiest Northern Saw-whet Owl migration monitoring stations in North America as we continue to study where these owls winter, and how they get there. 

A Charitable tax receipt will be issued with each purchase.

Choose your Northern Saw-whet Owl now! 

Photos are mounted on a double matte enhancing and helping protect your purchase. Looks great framed or left unframed. 

Celebrate the birth of a baby, a birthday or anniversary, a graduation or other significant accomplishment with this beautiful gift. 
Adopt a Northern Saw-whet Owl for your children, grandchildren, friends, or for yourself.

We will mail out:
  • A high resolution owl photo mounted on an 11 x 14 inch double matte. 
  • Sturdy double matte looks good on its own or can be easily framed.
  • Highest quality inks to protect from fading.
  • Information about Northern Saw-whet Owls and PEPtBO is provided.
  • A personal note can be added. Great for gifts.

Only $60.00  (Shipping and any applicable taxes are included)  

Shipping within Canada only

A Charitable tax receipt for $40.00 will be issued to the purchaser.





You can also adopt an owl when visiting Prince Edward County!

  County Sunshine 195 Main Street, Picton

Stanners Vineyard 76 Station Rd, Hillier