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Join us each MAY for the Great Canadian Birdathon and help raise funds for the work of PEPtBO!

How do I take part in the Birdathon?
Three easy steps:
  1. Register online on the Bird Studies Canada website (make sure you mark PEPtBO as the organization you're raising funds for)
  2. Collect some sponsors
  3. Go out and look at birds any day in May

*Please let us know what you saw!  Send your list to Mike Burge (613-476-9757,  There are PRIZES at our annual meeting and Birdathon wrap up (May 27).

Not ready to conduct a Birdathon on your own?  We'd be glad to connect you with someone else and you can go out as a team.  Contact Mike Burge (613-476-9757,

Why is the Birdathon so important?
Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is a volunteer organization supported entirely by donations. The Birdathon is our single most important fundraiser.  
Does all the money I raise go to PEPtBO?
75% of the money goes to PEPtBO. The rest goes to BSC to offset their costs for running the Birdathon and to support other important monitoring and conservation programs, such as the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network, of which PEPtBO is a member.  BSC collects the funds, sends donation receipts to your sponsors, and sends us PEPtBO's share at year-end.
Do I need to be an experienced birder to take part in the Birdathon?
Not at all. The purpose of the Birdathon is to raise money, enjoy looking for birds, and have fun.  Most Birdathoners go out in groups anyway: you tend to see more birds that way and, of course, it’s fun! If you don’t know anyone to go with, Mike Burge (contact above) will be glad to find an individual or group for you to team up with.
Do I have to stay up for 24 hours looking for birds?
Absolutely not! Choose any 24-hour period in May for your Birdathon, and within that period spend as much time as you want – or as little – looking for birds.
Do I have to do the Birdathon in the County?
No! You can be anywhere at all when you do the Birdathon. Just let PEPtBO know which birds on your checklist were seen outside the County (to help us award prizes)
Thank you for helping the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory!
If you have any questions, please contact Mike Burge, 613-476-9757,

Other Resources

  1. Great Canadian Birdathon Pledge Sheet, for sponsors who prefer to donate directly to you and not online - you fill it out when you ask for donations and later send it to BSC with the money you collect
  2. Checklist of bird species to tick off as you identify birds during the 24-hour period
  3. Great Canadian Birdathon Registration - if you prefer to mail it in