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New Barn Swallow Structure On August 21 at 11 am, Councillor Steve Ferguson officially “opened” PEPtBO's new Barn Swallow nesting structure.  PEPtBO hosted a small celebration of this addition to our avian monitoring, educational and research activities.   The Barn Swallow is an iconic insectivore known chiefly by its steely blue upper parts and deeply forked tail.  Barn Swallows can be seen swooping over farm fields, marshes and grasslands feeding on insects as they fly.  Traditionally Barn Swallows, as their name suggests have nested in barns and garages throughout their southern Ontario range.
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Volunteer Opportunities with the Nature Conservancy NCC uses ecological restoration to help reverse environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity. Their biologists tackle invasive species, rehabilitate streams, create wetlands, plant trees, and so much more, but they need your help! Join them in Minesing Wetlands to restore fish habitat or in Carden Alvar and Hazel Bird Nature Reserve to battle invasive species. Together we can create a better future. Full details HERE
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Mission Monarch Blitz 2017 Are you a Monarch Enthusiast? If so, you’re in luck! The Mission Monarch Blitz is happening from July 29 to August 6, and you are encouraged to participate! Montréal Space for Life is inviting everyone to get outdoors and take part in the first ever Monarch Blitz happening across Canada, Mexico and the United States. Please see the attached Press Release for Mission Monarch and learn how you can get involved in the international effort to protect the Monarch and its habitat. You are also encouraged to share the information with your friends, family and co-workers. Full details
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Barn Swallows in Ontario Read about efforts to help declining Barn Swallow populations in Ontario.  Full article by Liam Casey of The Canadian Press. (Photo: Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)
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Migrating Warblers The Cornell Lab of Ornithology recently published this interesting article on the migration patterns of warblers. Read the full article by Kathi Borgmann HERE. (Northern Parula - Photo: Ian Dickinson)
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