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Save our Swallows! See details from Nature Canada about how you can participate in conserving and recovering populations of aerial insectivores (swallows, martins, swifts) View the poster HERE contact at Nature Canada is Ted Chesky ( 
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South Shore Stroll Aug 4&5 Join us for a stroll across the South Shore IBA Sat Aug 4 and Sun Aug 5.  Experience the unique flora and fauna of the South Shore. For route details and what to bring check out the poster HERE
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Bird Genomes - University of Guelph Study Birds Pack Smaller Genomes, More Brainpower for Flight, U of G Study Finds Read the article HERE
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Global Study and Bird Extinction One in eight bird species is threatened with global extinction, and once widespread creatures such as the puffin, snowy owl and turtle dove are plummeting towards oblivion, according to the definitive study of global bird populations. The State of the World’s Birds, a five-year compendium of population data from the best-studied group of animals on the planet, reveals a biodiversity crisis driven by the expansion and intensification of agriculture.  Read the report HERE
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Red Knot Research From Arctic breeding grounds to the farthest tip of South America, this bird has one of the longest voyages in the animal kingdom. Now, decline of habitat and a key food source on the trip are making the endangered species’ travels even more hazardous. Canadian-U.S. researchers are going along for the virtual ride to learn how to help.  Read the whole Globe and Mail  article HERE
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