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Nature Matters! Launch - You're Invited Appreciate, Celebrate and Protect the Natural Nature Matters! Launch - You're Invited JOIN US FOR THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH - THU. APR. 20, 10 a.m. at the OBSERVATORY Prince Edward Point Observatory (PEPtBO) has just released Nature Matters!—the first-of-a-kind calendar and descriptions of dozens of local nature-related events from May until October in Prince Edward County. The 48-page, full colour booklet is now available across the County and online at PEPtBO initiated this project to bring together public programs and activities that focus on the natural world, particularly the unique habitat provided by the County’s South
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Join the Great Canadian Birdathon Join the Great Canadian Birdathon this May and support the work of PEPtBO. This spring, the time you spend birding can help the very birds you're looking at. Join the Great Canadian Birdathon and conserve birds and biodiversity across Canada! More than 7,000 people from across Canada (and around the world) participate in and/or sponsor the Great Canadian Birdathon in May of every year. Join us in raising funds and awareness for bird conservation!    You can run a Birdathon yourself or contact PEPtBO to join a team.  You can also conduct a Birdathon as part of our Big Day in
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Snow Bunting Report Find out about the fascinating work of Snow Bunting studies in the Canadian Snow Bunting Network report. Read the whole report HERE.
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Boreal Birds - New Report New research technology is rewriting the story of bird migration. Birds are flying faster, farther, and along more varied routes than previously thought. These technologies are also confirming the need to protect North America's Boreal
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PEPtBO Dinner and Auction PEPtBO celebrated on Sat. Oct 29 at the Waring House with our annual Fall Dinner and Auction.  Guest speaker Jean Iron gave a fascinating presentation about the flora and fauna of Iceland and the Canadian Arctic. The event was sold out and an exciting variety of items were auctioned off to raise funds for the Observatory. Many thanks to Mike Parry and the committee for their work (Rosemary Smith, Iris Casey, JoAnne Sulzenko, Laura Pierce, Cheryl Anderson, Borys Holowacz and Suzanne Pierson). Thanks to our wonderful donors who provided items for the auction. Angela’s B&B,
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Saving Seabirds - BirdLife International Every year, 400,000 seabirds worldwide are estimated to meet their end as a result of becoming unintentionally caught in gillnets while diving for food. Gillnets are panels of near-invisible underwater netting used in rivers and oceans by fishermen the world over. They are so-called because fish get entangled by their gills as they struggle to escape, trapping them in place. Passive and easy to set up and maintain, they are an incredibly cost-effective
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