Spring Birding Festival Program 2018

May 12-21, 2018
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World Migratory Bird Day - Saturday May 12 

 10 a.m. - Join us for Swallow Day! This free, family event begins at the Observatory with crafts and games led by educator Cheryl Chapman and is followed at 12 noon with a presentation by well-known birder Terry Sprague.

PEPtBO Photography Contest 2018

Submit a photo taken of birds in Prince Edward County in the last year.  Deadline is May 23, 2018.  Winners chosen at PEPtBO Annual Meeting May 26, 2018.  Get full details HERE.

Weekend Guided Bird Walks (all walks start at the Observatory - $5 per person - children under 12 free)

8 a.m. with Guest Birder Paul Mackenzie
10 a.m. with Guest Birder Brian Joyce
4 p.m. with PEPtBO birder Cheryl Anderson
8 a.m. with PEPtBO birders Mike Burge & Kathy Felkar
10 a.m. with Guest Birder Tom Wheatley
8 a.m. with Guest Birder Juanita Hummel
10 a.m. with PEPtBO birders Mike Burge & Kathy Felkar
4 p.m. with PEPtBO birder Cheryl Anderson
8 a.m. with Guest Birder Kyle Blaney
10 a.m. with Guest Birder Juanita Hummel


Guided Birding Trips (registration required)
Each trip is $10 (PEPtBO members) or $20 (non-members).  Spaces are limited.  Trips last 2-4hr
Sunday May 13, 8 a.m.Traverse Woods  
  Join Guest Birder Tom Wheatley on a hike to one of the best sites at Prince Edward Point for seeing migrating warblers, tanagers, orioles, flycatchers and thrushes.  Cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario can be good for waterfowl.  Scrubland next to the woods is good for sparrows, towhee and snipe.
(Meet at portable toilet on the road into the Observatory)  
Tuesday May 15, 8 a.m.Grassland Birds  
  Guest Birder Paul Mackenzie leads a trip to grassland habitats in the South Shore IBA.  Expect to find up to 8 species of sparrow, upland sandpiper, merlin, bobolink, eastern meadowlark
(Meet at Mariner's Park Museum - 2065 County Rd 13)
Thursday May 17, 8 a.m. – Beaver Meadow C.A.  (FULL)  Guest Birder Juanita Hummel leads a trip to mature deciduous woods (warblers, woodpeckers, songbirds), grassland and a marsh with black tern, bittern, green heron, marsh wren.
(Meet in the Conservation Area parking lot - entrance on County Rd 11 just south of County Rd 10 junction)
Friday May 18, 7 a.m. – Traverse Woods  (FULL)
  Guest Birder Doug McRae leads a hike to one of the best sites at Prince Edward Point for seeing migrating warblers, tanagers, orioles, flycatchers and thrushes.  Cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario can be good for waterfowl.  Scrubland next to the woods is good for sparrows, towhee and snipe.
(Meet at portable toilet on the road into the Observatory)
Friday May 18, 6:30 p.m.Miller Family Nature Reserve: Evening Birds  (FULL)
  Guest Birder Juanita Hummel leads a trip to the Miller Family Nature Reserve looking for Woodcock, Whip-poor-will and other evening birds
(Meet at the corner of Hilltop and Brewer's Rd)

PEC Field Naturalists: Bird Walks around the County

(All walks begin at 8 a.m. - $5 per person, children under 12 free)  Leaders: Amy Bodman and Sheila Kuja

Mon May 14: Beaver Meadow Conservation Area with famed local naturalist & author Terry Sprague  -  Entrance on North side of County Rd. 11, 1 km southwest of the intersection with County Rd. 10. Follow the long lane to the parking lot.

Tue May 15: Point Petre Woods and Shoreline with master bird bander & naturalist Joanne Dewey.  Meet at County Rd. 24 (Point Petre Rd.) and Army Reserve Rd.

Wed May 16: Sandbanks shoreline from Lakeshore Lodge to West Point with Park Naturalist Yvette Bree-  Follow County Rd. 12 to Lakeshore Lodge Rd. Meet at the end of Lakeshore Lodge Rd. Note: A season ticket to Sandbanks or any other Ontario Provincial Park is required to park inside the gate. 

Thu May 17: Millennium Trail – Hubbs Creek Wetland System -  Meet at the intersection of the Millennium Trail and Danforth Rd., across from “Heal with Horses” (997 Danforth Rd)

Fri May 18: Little Bluff Conservation Area - 3625 County Rd. 13. Meet at the circular parking lot at the end of the Conservation Area’s driveway.

Big Week in the IBA - Sun May 13 - Sun May 20 (noon to noon)

Be a part of our Big Week in the  South Shore IBA!

Pick up a checklist at the Observatory and submit your list any time during the week in the box provided
Wrap-up and prizes Sunday May 20 - noon at the Observatory
'75 Club' - Identify at least 75 species in the South Shore IBA
'100 Club' - Identify at least 100 species in the South Shore IBA
'125 Club' - Identify at least 125 species in the South Shore IBA

Where are the best places to bird in the IBA?  Download a Checklist/Map

Birding the South Shore IBA - Mon May 21 (all day)

Join PEPtBO member Peter Fuller and explore the South Shore IBA starting at 5:30 a.m. at Lighthall Marsh for wetland species and then visit grassland, woodland and lakeshore habitats, finishing at dusk listening for whip-poor-will and owls. 

You are welcome to join us for part or all of the day – contact for the schedule and meeting places throughout the day.  This is a free event.

Guest Birders 2018

PEPtBO thanks our wonderful group of guest birders:

Kyle Blaney:  Kyle is an avid birdwatcher and nature photographer from Belleville. He travels extensively for work and pleasure but his favourite birding spot anywhere is Prince Edward Point.

Juanita Hummel:  Juanita is an expatriate Canadian, and has lived in the US for 34 years.  Retired from pharmaceutical research, she now volunteers as a citizen scientist for several conservation organizations, including Washington Crossing Audubon and NJ Audubon.  She is currently completing the requirements to become certified as a Master Naturalist. 

Brian Joyce:  Brian is one of the founders of PEPtBO and a former bander and president of the Observatory.  He still visits each spring and we welcome his expertise for our birding hikes.

Doug McRae: Doug is a expert birder based in the Presqu'ile area.  He helped with early banding efforts at Prince Edward Point before the Observatory was established and has been involved with birding endeavours in many places including shorebird work in James Bay.

Paul Mackenzie Paul has been birding for 65 years (since age 14) and still enjoys awe when observing nature. He has seen 271 species in Prince Edward County and over half the species on earth (>5500 species and all but four of the 248 living families).

Terry Sprague:  Terry is a well-known local birder and naturalist and has explored Prince Edward Point for years as well as most of the corners of the County.  He maintains the popular Nature Stuff website.

Tom Wheatley: Tom has been birding locally for ten years, and recently became a volunteer at PEPtBO. He has also spent much time birding internationally in Southeast Asia.  Last year during his Mother's Day bird hikes he and his group found 92 species at the Point.  "Join me this year as we birdwatch our boots off!"

Yvette Bree:  Park Naturalist Yvette Bree has worked at Sandbanks for over 30 years and is always ready to show off the natural wonders of the park.  Spring is one of her favourite times of year, when the birds are migrating, frogs are calling and flowers are blooming.

Joanne Dewey:  Joanne has been a bird watcher for many years, is a master bird bander and was Assistant Park Naturalist at both Sandbanks and Presqu'ile Provincial Parks.