PEPtBO welcomes you to try out our highest quality coffee supplied by a small family run plantation in Nicaragua.

Our shade tree coffee preserves the rainforest canopy for many overwintering birds. Some of those same birds visit Prince Edward Point every spring and fall.

Purchase PEPtBO coffee to enjoy rich flavour offered you and support our important research and outreach efforts at the same time.



"Rich tasting, clean flavour" (Ted Baker)

"The best decaf that I have ever purchased!" (Rosemary Kent)



$49.00 for 2 packages of 400 g each (Shipping included).

Shipping within Canada only  


Available in Medium, Dark, Espresso or Decaf

Whole Beans or Ground

Our coffee is also available for purchase at:
County Sunshine 195 Main Street, Picton
Stanners Vineyard 76 Station Rd, Hillier
The Birdhouse Nature Store 240 Presqu'ile Parkway, Brighton
The Green Root 5529 Hwy 62, Rossmore
The Local Store, 768 CR 12 (Westlake Road), Picton
available online at The Local Store
This Coffee is For the Birds
by Carolyn Barnes and Kathy Felkar
The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) and Las Chicas del Cafe (The Coffee Chicks)have joined forces to offer Direct Trade Nicaraguan Bird-Friendly Shade-Grown Coffee to our community. This delicious coffee helps birds in two different ways. First is the way the coffee is grown: most coffee comes from plantations where natural vegetation, once the habitat of numerous bird species, has been destroyed, but this coffee is produced under a canopy of native trees where birds can find food and shelter. The other way the coffee helps birds happens when it’s sold: for every package you buy, approximately 25% goes to PEPtBO, a non-profit and completely self-funded organization. This money will support PEPtBO’s crucial work every spring and fall collecting data on thousands of birds, including a number of the species that winter in Nicaragua, en route between their nesting grounds in the northern boreal forest and their winter homes to the south.
This venture is the brainchild of Kathy Felkar, a keen birder and PEPtBO supporter, who was inspired by a newspaper article about Margaret Atwood who was supporting the Pelee Island Bird Observatory by putting her name to a brand of shade coffee. Kathy decided to try to create a County version that would aid PEPtBO. After considerable research, she chose shade-grown, bird-friendly Arabica beans from small plantations in Nicaragua, the winter home of many of our songbirds.
The growers are committed to producing sustainable coffee: coffee grown in a way that protects the natural environment and fosters healthy communities.
The beans are dark or medium roasted in small batches by Valeria and Maria, the daughters of the plantation owner, Rinaldo Fiallos . It’s organic and direct trade, a form of fair trade where the producer sells directly to a coffee roaster rather than through a middleman. Coffee raised under shade grows slowly, which results in denser beans with more flavour. We also have a Central America De- Caffeinated Coffee that is naturally processed and is far superior to anything you might find in a grocery store. The packaging is recyclable. And yes, this coffee is absolutely full of flavour!
The Fiallos family coffee farm in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua is the only supplier of our PEPtBO coffee. We chose this particular coffee because we know it SHG - Shade and high grown - and therefore home to birds.
Golden-winged Warbler, Photo © David Okines            Hooded Warbler Photo © Bruce Parker                               Yellow-breasted Chat Photo © David Okines