FALL 2015 - Summary

Birds banded:  4483 birds of 99 species

Vania with Cooper's Hawk


Fall Records:
Turkey Vulture (1st)
Red-shouldered Hawk (1st)
Common Nighthawk (2)
Connecticut Warbler (2)
Sharp-shinned Hawk (101)
Whip-poor-will (3)
Pileated Woodpecker (2)
Red-eyed Vireo (195)
Purple Martin (9)
Cape May Warbler (8)
Near Records:
Eastern Kingbird (3)
Philadelphia Vireo (19)
Veery (25)
Blackpoll Warbler (15)
Ovenbird (33)
Scarlet Tanager (22)
Most sparrows and warblers, finches and kinglets were present in lower numbers this fall.  Saw-whet Owl nubers were also low (459)
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Connecticut Warbler
Connecticut Warbler (Photo: David Okines)