Helpful Links for Volunteers

Instructions for how to use the Day Volunteer sign up calendar
What if it's raining?

Here are some helpful links to check out when your coming down to the Point!

Radar and Weather Sites for PEPTBO Volunteers

General Radar, Sunrise/Sunset and other Weather Related Sites




 As a volunteer at the Observatory, you should:

  • Be a member in good standing (ie, dues paid for this year) of the association
  • Sign the release form at the beginning of the season
  • Show up on your scheduled days or arrange for a replacement
  • Arrive at sun-up and plan to leave only when the nets are closed - usually six hours later
  • Observe the "Code of Conduct" and other notices posted in the banding lab (especially with regard to the proper handling of birds and the treatment of visitors)
  • Wear your "volunteer" badge when on duty
  • Learn and have fun!


  • Take a lunch with you, including something to drink
  • Make sure you have appropriate footwear, such as hiking boots and/or rain boots. Those trails can get muddy!
  • It's easy to catch jewelry, clothing (and even glasses!) in the nets when you are extracting a bird. Be especially careful of rings or watches, some peaked caps, Velcro or buttons (especially on cuffs).
  • Layer your clothing so you can be comfortable in case of sudden weather changes, which are frequent at the Point. Dark/neutral colours are best. White tends to scare birds away.
  • Don't forget insect repellent (The birds do try but can't eat all the bugs!) but do not put repellent on your hands if you are handling birds, it's not very good for the birds. Also remember sunscreen and your binoculars. In the case of bad weather, call the Observatory (613 476-5801) before canceling your trip. Conditions at Prince Edward Point can be vastly different from other parts of the county and you could miss a very busy day.
  • Poison ivy grows around the net lanes in the woods. Be careful and learn to identify this plant. Poison Ivy - Spring / Summer
  • Ticks are also sometimes reported - wear long pants and do a check after visiting the Point