Article on Mysterious Bird Deaths in New Mexico  Read Jenna McCullough's article The data behind mysterious bird deaths in New Mexico in the American Birding Association's recent publication.
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Shorebirds in the South Shore IBA Shorebirds on the Southern Shore – Discovery at Charwell Point (by Paul Jones) (Charwell Point - Photo: Paul Jones) Background Shorebirds are an attractive avian family that includes various types of plovers and sandpipers. They are a symbol of windswept beaches; and engage in spectacular journeys between their northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas. Unfortunately, their populations are falling. Habitat destruction is one reason for the decline, with some species now officially classified as endangered.1 Discovery In the past, knowledge of spring
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eBirding from Home Collecting multiple lists from the same location is a way of contributing valuable bird population data. Read the whole article by Mike Burrell for how to make the most out of birding from home.
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Latest BioBlitz Report View the full report of the 2019 BioBlitz at the Hudgin-Rose Property - exciting results and photos!  Thanks Sheila and team!  
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Canada Warbler in the News Read the article Protecting the Canada Warbler at both ends of its epic journey  published by BirdLife International. We band a number of Canada Warblers each year during spring and fall migration.  There have been sightings in the South Shore IBA during breeding season but no clear evidence of breeding yet.  The last Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas showed some changes in where the species was breeding in Eastern Ontario (MAP).
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Amazing Saw-whet Owls Read the fascinating report by Scott Weidensaul about Saw-whet Owl banding.
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