2017 November


November 2017 News and Coming Events


Fall Migration at the Observatory

Migration monitoring at the Observatory is finished for 2017.  Our Bander, David Okines, reported unusual weather patterns meant that we noticed low numbers of sparrows, finches and raptors.  Records were broken for Palm, Cape May and Connecticut Warblers banded.  Overall, 5309 birds of 109 species were banded (higher than average species but lower than average numbers).  During October 589 Saw-whet Owls were banded.  Greater Scaup out in the lake peaked around October 23 with 17,000 observed.  Surprise visitors to the nets included a White-eyed Vireo and a Flying Squirrel!

A new species banded for the fall was Eastern Meadowlark.  Our Bobolink banding project was successful with a record number banded at the Observatory (458) and almost 500 at our satellite banding site on the Miller Family Nature Reserve.

Thanks to David Okines, Cindy Cartwright (Bobolink banding), and assistants Jacques Turner-Moss and Robyn Perkins.  A big thank you as well to our dedicated volunteers for all the early mornings and long drives!  See you in April 2018.

Robyn Perkins with Pileated Woodpecker

Cheryl Anderson with Shawn Andrews

Raffle Winners!

Thanks to our Fall Dinner and Auction committee for another successful event on October 28 at the Waring House.  Almost $6000 was raised for the Observatory.  See our website for a list of all our generous community supporters who donated items for the auction.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 PEPtBO Raffle!

ClearWater Design Kayak - Shawn Andrews

Home Hardware (Picton) BBQ - Patrick Toner

Eagle Optics Binoculars - Stephanie Moorman

Naturehood Update

This fall we were pleased to have two school visits to the Bird Observatory.  On September 27 Albert College grade 2 students, their teacher, Ms. Prinzen and 4 parents visited.  On October 13 SonRise Christian Academy, Junior & Senior Kindergarten students visited with their teacher, Ms. Daniels and parents.

 PEPtBO offers these programs geared to curriculum requirements through a contract with Nature Canada (NC).  NC provides supporting materials for the programs and also transportation support for the schools, if necessary. 

We also offer PA day programs at PEC libraries and on September 29 our program at the Picton Library was “Owl you need is love.”  Participants learned about Owls and made their own well camouflaged owls.  They also made paper flying birds to take home.

Our outdoor educators are Cheryl Chapman and Mark Read.  Teachers and interested parents are encouraged to contact Cheryl or Mark through PEPtBO (info@peptbo.ca) for information about curriculum-linked programs in the classroom or at the Bird Observatory.

Jacques Turner-Moss demonstrates banding
Camouflaged Owls

Waterfowl Count in the IBA

On Saturday, November 4th, a group of volunteers fanned out across the South Shore IBA counting birds, especially waterfowl on Lake Ontario.  Unusual east winds meant the birds had moved to different locations or were under cover but we still observed 51 species including Scaup, Bufflehead, Common Loon, Northern Shrike, Tundra Swan, Rough-legged Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Rusty Blackbird, Purple Finch, Winter Wren, Bald Eagle, Eastern Bluebird and large flocks of American Robin.

PEPtBO volunteers carry out regular monitoring from Prince Edward Point to Point Petre (migration, breeding, winter) in this ecologically sensitive area.  Please consider joining us for one of our events.  To receive notifications contact Peter (peptbo.peter@gmail.com).



Book Launch – You’re Invited

PEPtBO volunteer and Board member JoAnne Sulzenko will be launching her new collection of poetry, South Shore Suite, on Saturday, November 18th in Picton at Books and Company (289 Main St.)  You’re invited to this free event.  A portion of book sales at the event will be donated to PEPtBO.  Congratulations JoAnne!






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