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MAY 15, 2020 - Please note: All parts of the National Wildlife Area remain closed to the public including trails and beaches UNTIL JUN 1.  Spring banding is not taking place.
  We urge our volunteers, members and friends to practise current health directives and to not visit restricted areas. 
Thanks for you continued support of PEPtBO
PEPtBO's Annual Meeting has been postponed - future date TBA
PEPtBO is a migration research station located in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area.  We are also caretakers for the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area.  We are a registered charity supported and run by volunteers.
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eBirding from Home
Collecting multiple lists from the same location is a way of contributing valuable bird population data. Read the whole article by Mike Burrell ...Full Story
Monday, May 18
Latest BioBlitz Report
View the full report of the 2019 BioBlitz at the Hudgin-Rose Property - exciting results and photos!  Thanks Sheila and team!   ...Full Story
Thursday, April 9
Canada Warbler in the News
Read the article Protecting the Canada Warbler at both ends of its epic journey  published by BirdLife International. We band a number of ...Full Story
Monday, February 3
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Adopt a Northern Saw-whet Owl and assist Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory's efforts in monitoring migrating bird populations. Help support one...