Mute swan by Leslie Abram
Mute swan by Leslie Abram


Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory (PEPtBO) is a registered charity with a mandate to monitor, report on and promote analysis of bird migration and to act as official caretaker of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity area (IBA).

Saving the planet one bird at a time


In our vision, we contribute to bird populations that are resilient and robust, and a natural world that is sustainable for future generations.

Birds matter to the healthy survival of the planet. What we learn from migrating birds can support biodiversity and the ecosystems that sustain us, but birds are facing accelerating threats, particularly through migration. We need to act quickly and collectively to protect birds and the places they need while we still can. The scientific data PEPtBO collects contributes to local, national and international action to protect and manage key habitat and to reduce threats along migratory pathways. And our advocacy and educational programs encourage avian conservation action and support for nature. We support the future by acting now.

Guiding Principles

Birds help us understand the living world. We believe that transforming science to action will contribute to the long term survival of birds and the overall health of our ecosystems and environment.

We put birds first. We are guided by the Banders Code of Ethics which details our practice and commitment to bird safety at all times.

We believe that connecting people to the joy of birds through education and hands-on exposure will ignite a lifelong passion for nature, leading to support for environmental conservation and a new generation of advocates.

As stewards of the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird and Diversity Area (IBA), we recognize our responsibility to respect and protect the abundant and diverse wildlife residing there.

We recognize that working in partnership with other conservation organizations and all levels of government will further our goals and increase our impact.

We are led through the passion knowledge, skills, and experience of volunteers, and are committed to providing appropriate recruitment with ongoing training, support and recognition

We are committed to inclusiveness in all that we do and will work to improve representation, tolerance and opportunity benefitting all racialized groups, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ+ communities, genders and persons of differing abilities.

We use our resources and manage our organization effectively, efficiently and with fiscal responsibility and strategic intent.