Barred Owl by Paul Jones
Barred Owl by Paul Jones

Banding, Research and Training

  1. Contribute to continent-wide efforts to protect avian species at risk and common birds by monitoring the status and trends of resident and migratory bird populations at PEP in an ethical and scientifically rigorous manner.
  2. Provide comprehensive basic and advanced banding training for interns, students and volunteers to increase the number of qualified banders available to PEPtBO and other banding stations.
  3. Conduct public demonstrations where people of all ages can learn about bird identification, migration ecology and the importance of conservation.
  4. Produce an annual and public report detailing the results of PEPtBO’s work including any key learning or actions recommended.

Programs and Public Education

  1. Help build the next generation of conservation leaders by engaging and inspiring young people to explore nature and understand the important roles birds play.
  2. Tap into the public’s enthusiasm for birds by offering resources and events to discover the joy of birds and birding and a recognition of the perils facing them.

Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy

  1. Serve as caretaker for the IBA to protect its capacity to provide habitat for successful nesting, wintering and migration of birds as well as other creatures residing there.
  2. Protect and further the interests of resident and migratory birds in the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Birding and Biodiversity Area (IBA) by building public support and influencing effective public policy.